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with love



and reduce the  risk  

due to excessive use of technology


Learn how to secure home technology and  set limits with love 

the course :
Safe Use of Technology and Time Limits

will help you:

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The online course contains highly relevant topics 

Do not feel frustrated because you do not know about cybersecurity and be able to take action for the safety of your child and your family.

To know how to set limits for your children and take an important step in the digital education that your children need.

To put the technology safely

Learn to keep cyber predators out of your family

To prepare, educate and raise awareness , in order to support your children in the challenges of this digital age

To reach agreements as a family to protect each other against malice on the internet

you will meet

The importance and necessity of technology

Device security options

How to make a strong password that protects you from hacking and that you can remember.

The importance of Double Authentication

The importance of technology for the development of children aged 3-6

The importance of technology for the development of children aged 6-18 

T he time limits your child must have

The risks of using the screen

And learn to set limits with love

The kind of father you are and why you can't set limits

The rules and consequences of breaking the limits

Recommendations to set limits on your children


This course is a repository of all privacy guides on social networks, messaging, browsers, video games. They teach you how to make your information private. It is constantly updated every week and you can have access to everything that is being uploaded.

Free Privacy Guide course  in Free Social Networks the course Privacy Guide  in Messaging and Browsers  ($94USD)

You will have access to our exclusive Facebook community, where we are sharing relevant cybersecurity information, so that you are informed and updated.

Access to the exclusive Facebook community


How much is it worth to you??????

That your children can navigate safely?

Protect your family's information?

Prevent your family from falling prey to a cybercriminal?

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Say yes to...

  1. Take advantage of technology for the growth and development of your children and your family.

  2. Shutting the door on cybercriminals and groomers by keeping technology secure

  3. Know how to deal with tantrums, anger of your children ... setting limits in a loving way

  4. Learn the risks and now take better care of your children when they are surfing the internet.

  5. Know how to take care of the WIFI in which your children connect.

  6. Learn to put strong passwords and teach your child how to do it

Online course :
Safe use of Technology and time limits

In this course you will get:

  • Necessity of Technology in the new generations

  • Cybersecurity options on your devices

  • How to make passwords strong and easy to remember?

  • What is double factor authentication?

  • How to take advantage of technology for better development - Psychology

  • What are the limits of screen use according to the age of your child

  • What are the risks associated with excessive use of technology

  • To set limits with love - coaching tool.

  • The types of parents that exist and how to detect myself to know why I am not setting limits properly - coaching.

  • Rules and Consequences of not setting limits

  • Recommendations to set limits

From: $825USD


or buy it monthly

Online workshop:
Cybersecure Parents : Safe Children

You can also buy the workshop

Cybersecure Parents: Safe Children, and has

8 modules.

  • Module 1: Safe use of technology and limits with love

  • Module 2: Risks Associated with Social Networks and how to prevent them.

  • Module 3 : Risks Associated with messaging and browsers and how to prevent them

  • Module 4: Video games, their risks and how to prevent them

  • Module 5: The ABC of Cybersecurity for Families.

  • Module 6 : Parental Controls : Agree vs Control

  • Module 7: Coaching

  • Module 8: Next Steps.

from : $6,560USD


or buy it monthly

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+ 21 years of experience of our instructors

We created these courses, thinking about the integrity of your family, and we did them with all our hearts.

Cybersecurity + Psychology + Coaching. That allows you to understand the risks that your child may have from a psychological perspective. And you also get coaching tools

You have a 7-day guarantee . We are so sure of the quality that if you don't like it, we'll give you your money back.

Maria Elena 
Nuevo Leon - Mexico

"I bought the workshop and I am in module 1 and it has helped me a lot to check that my teenage son's devices are safe. It was a guide that I followed and now I feel calmer"

Mexico City, Mexico

"A great Christmas gift, just what my husband and I were looking for. Now we have learned to set limits for our children, before it was a constant fight with them to get them to leave the iPad"

Texas, USA

"I searched for many places, until I found Custos... I just love it. I have small children and he is helping me to set limits with love from NOW!"


ALE Garcia


FOTO ZAZIL 1_edited.png
FOTO ELIA_edited.png

ELIA William

ZAZIL blunt

Founder and Creator of Custos Academy


With more than 21 years of experience in the IT industry. He has worked at companies such as HP, Symantec, Veritas, PureStorage and Sophos. Where I develop Country Manager positions in these last 2 companies.


She is currently the CEO and Founder of Custos Consulting and Custos Academy. Companies whose mission is to support companies to improve their cybersecurity levels in Mexico and LATAM.


She has been TOP Woman of Cybersecurity in 2021 and 2020, as well as Woman of the Channel by CRN in 2020 and 2019.


Her passion and constant concern for raising awareness of cybersecurity led her to publish her book “Cybersecurity for TOP Executives” in June, and her other book in September:

“My kids are online, again!”


Psychologist specialized in Sexual Education certified by the Mexican Association for Sexual Health, AC (AMSSAC), graduated from the Faculty of Psychology UNAM.

Facilitator certified by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

Vice President of the 2018-2023 Board of Directors at AMSSAC.

He has more than 13 years of experience in preventive and educational work on issues of child and youth sexuality.

In the business field, he has given workshops on the prevention and attention to harassment and sexual harassment at work and gender equity and prevention of child sexual abuse to government institutions CONAGUA and the Mayor's Office of Tlalpan.


Guest specialist on TV programs such as Dialogues of trust and con-sense.

Programs from Radio UNAM, Radio Anahuac, Radio Formula, an international interview on Radio Bolivia, as well as online interviews for code of happiness, CDMX electoral court, Mexican Association of Information Technologies, among others.


Graduated in Pedagogy, Master in teaching methods in education, I have 6 international certifications as Ontological, executive and transformational Coach.


Certified as a trainer and facilitator of emotional and communication skills courses. 3 diplomas in human and personal development.


Lifecoach, speaker, and trainer and author of training, transformational, courses and  personal development workshops, and  Leadership for high performance teams in companies as well as  personal transformation.


20 years of experience working in different companies, in the area of Human Resources and as an external consultant, has supported the culture of values, as well as the detection of needs, work environment, development of skills through coaching programs for directors, managers and executives of different companies with successful results.

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